Tuesday, September 11, 2012

EPISODE 25 (with the 3 black geeks)

this week we welcome one member of the 3 black geeks podcast to the show to sling some action across the room.  Also we rant and rave about a number of topics (as we usually tend to do) such as The Amityville Horror and it's questionable place in horror history, Cory "humble brags" himself to death, Cynthia Rothrock, blacksploitation,  Independent zombie films. and a ton of other things.  also, RUTGER HAUER MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!

(NOTE) due to Skype being a real pain in the ass this week and the fact that I have been working some insane overtime this weeks show was not edited with a fine toothed comb like usual.  Sorry.  JSB


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