Tuesday, November 6, 2012

EPISODE 33 (with mike haushaulter)

 This week JSB and Tim are joined by fan Mike Haushalter to cover Dracula: Prince of Darkness,  the IMMORTAL Dr. Giggles, and Creature from 1984.  So join us in discussions ranging from such topics as James Bond,  lost movie posters,  Quatermass,
 Random Kane Hodder-ness,  JSB recoiling in horror at the death of T-Dog,  what movies actually scared us,  Giant ant movies, Giant rat movies, The Deathstalker series,  Klaus "Krazypants" Kinski  and how Dolph Lundgren made a career out of banging Grace Jones....  Aledgedly.  We also answer questions and add to our hall of fame.  So come check it out.  


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