Monday, December 24, 2012

EPISODE 40      Christmas with Tim and JSB...                                  (sponsored by the McRib)

This week Tim and JSB celebrate the Christmas holiday,  or in JSB's case by hating it.  And ,as you know, it wouldn't be Christmas time without talking about such things as crazy celebrity shenanigans, the myriad of reasons JSB doesn't have kids,  great Christmas movies,  Troma,  Jeffrey Combs chiming in on Romero zombies,  Tim and the problems with the Pittsburgh Steelers,  The awesomeness of Vernon Wells, JSB's insane dream,  our plans after the apocalypse doesn't happen,  and we have a long and brain wracking conversation on Prometheus and it's shortcomings.  All this and more on this weeks show.  And remember if you hear someone coming down the chimney tonight it's probably not Santa.  It's Larry Drake!  So arm yourselves !!


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