Wednesday, February 20, 2013

EPISODE 48    

This week Tim and JSB welcome back frequent guest host Ben Grimm back to the show to discuss many, many things...  Most importantly sausages!  Other topics include Ben's supreme devotion to the movie Roadhouse,  JSB loses 10 bucks to John McClaine,  Tim's cake baking skills,  Kamala's life and death struggle against the plastic thing on the end of your shoestrings,  The alamo Drafthouse,  The in's and out's of fan edited films,  JSB's hatred for Troll 2,  Ben's love of the film I Dismember Mama,  the greatness of Tremors,  And Vincent Price's ability to shill everything.  And we introduce a new running joke...  The Gross Force One Sausage Wrangler.  All this and more on this fantastic episode.  


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