Monday, May 13, 2013


This week JSB and Tim welcome back friend of the show and beard enthusiast Mr. Jon Cross of the After Movie Diner Podcast.  We bring you 3 reviews of hand picked films and a whole lot more.  Including Tommy Lasorda,  Who in the movie industry we would like to punch.  Charles Band and his crazy, crazy hyjinx,  Tim's oral history of the worst of the Puppet master series,  our thoughts on porn and why it's kinda gross,  Sean Connery,  Why there hasn't been a slasher movie set in the professional sports world,  Ghost rape,  Tim's hatred of the Philadelphia Flyers,  Hockey movies,  where Rick Moranis has been hiding all these years,  and more general ramblings.  So listen in to the well over 3 hour show.  And if necessary pack a lunch..........  GOULET!!!!!


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