Sunday, October 6, 2013


This week Tim and Kyle are joined by Rodrigo Quast and the always spicy T-Shirt Joe in an effort to quell race relations, and stop the oncoming swarm of racial riots that are sure to plague this great land.  what happened ,however, was we just sat around and talked about great movies... and stuff.  Nothing got solved.  But, we are sure that you will like our roundtable discussion on such things as conventions,  big hollywood destroying the drive in's and mom and pop theaters across our nation,  and what the next fads are.  and along the way we got drunk.  So grab an adult beverage and chug-a-lug along with us as we have our first ever drunken roundtable.  ya damned alkies....


1 comment:

  1. 30 minutes in and I am made sick by the sound of my own voice. You should have just pulled the plug on me and continued the show without me.